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IceWarp roadmap in a broader perspective
The first two Gens of Deep Castle established the era of team collaboration and remote work. The upcoming Gens carry reinvented interfaces, tuned up features and stronger security.
Brace yourself, winter is bringing new era of IceWarp
New Dashboard and WebClient will make your office work more enjoyable. Your working routine will improve thanks to mobile conferencing app so that you can handle your tasks literally from anywhere. Video emails are the cherry on top of efficiency as we believe one video is worth a thousand emails.
Video Emails
Dashboard Gen 3
New generation of WebClient
You already know
Gens 1 and 2 brought interface facelifts for improving user experience and revealed a set of team collaboration features for effective team work.
Let's take a look at the most stunning news:
Mobile Conferences
Free, secure videoconference calls for up to 200 participants with optional recording in IceWarp TeamChat. With limited features for non-IceWarp users.
IceWarp Desktop Client
A powerful fusion of secure email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, private chat and conferences, all packed in a single interface. Available for Windows & MacOS devices.
IceWarp Dashboard
The Dashboard is IceWarp’s new opening screen and your gateway to the entire collaboration ecosystem.
Collaborative editing
Collaborate in real time on documents with colleagues across the world – even non-IceWarp users.

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