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Free Conferences now in the WebClient.
Our free conferencing tier is now accessible to all IceWarp customers in the WebClient. Previously offered access from the web is no longer supported.
Audio and video meetings
Screen sharing & chat
Up to 5 participants
Share a link to invite
Nothing to install
How to join?
Login to the WebClient as usual.
Head over to the Conferences tab.
Start your conference.
Get full version with Standard or Professional plan
See full IceWarp plans.
Up to 200 participants
Conferencing enables video and audio calls for up to 200 participants.
Password protection
Organizer can secure the call with a password that only organizer and authorized attendees know.
Recording & Scheduling
Set up a conference call in advance, it works just like any other calendar event. Recording helps you capture important moments of your discussions.
Meet without limits
Every IceWarp user can start a conference even with no IceWarp users. Invitees join for free.

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